a little bit of fall-i-fying

As most if not all of our decorations have gone back to NC in storage, I will have to just remember back to last year and enjoy fall that way. It is my most favorite season back home.  Here in this part of Texas it is not a season but merely a verb. 

a Yard Sale of sorts..

 Got stuff?
Oh yes we do.  Too much stuff.

I am so used to doing yard sales outside..yes it is either cold and windy or blazing hot.  But as we downsize considerably for our move this summer.  I have been snapping pictures of stuff and putting it into an album on Facebook and well it is like an auction.  I get messages and comments of people saying- want it, mine, put it in my pile.  It is going fast and I don't even have to go outside.  What a wonderful concept. 

Word for 2013

That is my word. 
I have spent so much time preparing to do things later..
missing out on now.
I've spent so much time refinishing furniture for two shows a year and putting off playing with kids.
I've spent so much time thinking of what to do instead of doing.

That is over.
I plan on capturing now, being in the now, participating in the now.
I want to see the kids do all their things.
I want to enjoy life as it happens.
I want to capture a more calm household- less clutter.
I want to capture better health by following my diabetes regime strictly.
I want to capture a better body by being active. 
To sum it up- 
I want to CAPTURE life.

{ Happy New Year - 2013 }

Here's to a good one.  What will 2013 hold for you? 

{ Top 12 of 2012 }

Wow what a year.. It was a roller coaster ride personally and business wise.  I have thought through some things and 2013 will definitely be better and less bumpy hopefully.
I have never started Google analytics but after manually going through my posts from this past year it is on board now..haha

Here are the top 12 of 2012.  Starting with number 


{ Merry Christmas }

This being our last Christmas in North Carolina for a while I thought I'd make a collage.
Christmas through the years in North Carolina : 2003-2012.

Next year we will be in Texas with the two eldest away at college. It will be a strange change but I can always look back and relive these years. The kids grow so fast.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

{ Christmas Vignettes }

After taking pics of all the simple decor I figured I'd share some of the not so in your face decor.  The ones you have to stop to look at and admire.  

{ Christmas on the porch }

Usually I go all out on the outside of the house.  
We do the icicle lights on both levels, we drape the fence with garland and lights, we hang huge wreaths on the pillars and we deck out the porch like no ones tomorrow. 

This year- well not so much.  I have been having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit so to speak.  Might be the surgery pains and recuperating or it just might be a bad case of bah humbug.  Not sure. 

But here is our simple porch:

 No wreath - I am liking different than a circle.  This is a big wicker flower basket.

And by the mail slot- yep a nice old crock with some simple greens.  
It works for me. 

So is your porch simple or mac daddy decked out? 

{ Christmas dining room }

Our dining room is the largest room in the house.  I guess they did it big in 1929 when it came to entertaining.  You will recall that I took the room over to become my craft studio.  Well with our impending move we need to take it back to dining room status for pictures to rent.   
I couldn't let it go without decorating it now could I?  

Here it is in progress- please ignore clutter you see around - I'm trying to clear all the remaining craft stuff.

{ Christmas Mantles }

We have two fireplaces in our historic house.  Yes, double the fun to decorate.  One in the formal front room and one in the huge barely used dining room.  
Here is what we did to them this year. 

The living room:

{ Gotta love a burlap tree skirt }

I love burlap.  

I love Christmas.

Combine the two and I just had to make a burlap tree skirt. 
 It was inevitable.  
Very easy and lovely.  

Do you use a tree skirt?  What kind?

{ Advent Countdown- Tutorial }

Hurry wake up.  Time to see what is in the calendar.  
I love hearing that during the countdown to Christmas.  
The excitement, the joy, the kids just running to see. 

 Usually I take the easy way out for advent calendars.  I buy the cheapie cardboard one with all the doors full of chocolate from World Imports.  
But this year easy eluded me.  I could not get to World Imports.  
(Surgery and no driving allowed after)
So, I searched the great google and found a nice easy tutorial that I could tweak for our use.
I found it at maya*made.

{ Ribbon Tree Tutorial }

 I've had a great deal of questions on how to make these little gems.   

As I don't have any of the supplies at this time and do not forsee buying them this season I will try my best to describe it in easy steps.